Bespelling Jane Austen

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The basic plot of Persuasion struck me as an excellent choice for this tale of reincarnation and second chances. Rather than simply giving her couple a second chance at getting their relationship right, Jane Everett and Robert Mitford may be able to correct centuries of mistakes. The tale is a quiet one, with a fairly slow pace, but the pacing fit the story well. While not a DIK for me, I did enjoy it.

Northanger Castle takes a completely different tone from the preceding story. I've always found Northanger Abbey a fun, satirical read and Colleen Gleason captures that spirit well in this romp of a story. While staying in Bath with a distant cousin, Caroline Merrill lets her love of vampiric novels get the better of her.

Bespelling Jane Austen

She begins imagining all manner of horrible secrets about various people she meets and sees vampires in every corner. Her antics among other things catch the eye of Thaddeus Blanchard, her friend's guardian. The two have good chemistry and the dialogue between them made me smile as Thaddeus challenges Caroline's outrageous imaginings.

This story ended a little too quickly, but it's a very fun read. Set in modern-day New York, Blood and Prejudice has a sparkle to it that, while it doesn't rise to the level of the original, definitely reminded me of Pride and Prejudice. In this modern retelling by Susan Krinard, Elizabeth Bennet's family owns a laboratory currently suffering hard times being bought out by Bingley Pharmaceuticals.

And Fitzwilliam Darcy? None other than the ominous, disapproving member of Bingley's board of directors. He and Elizabeth meet at her father's birthday party and this goes about as well as their initial meeting in the original.

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For those who have read the original, many of its events have modern parallels here - with a vampire twist. Krinard's modern Elizabeth and Darcy are enjoyable, and I had fun matching the modern elements of the story to their inspirations. It felt very true to the spirit of the original book and made for a delightful evening of reading.

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The setup is a clever one, and I can certainly imagine a modern Emma Woodhouse haphazardly operating a paranormal dating service. However, the story at times seemed to be trying too hard, and that made it difficult for me to truly enjoy it.

Bespelling Jane Austen

And of course, where we have Emma, there is Knightley. In this telling, Knightley is the ex-boyfriend who keeps bumping into Emma everywhere she goes. In this case, Emma is running her sister's business for a year and Knightley happens to own the building.

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Bespelling Jane Austen

It keeps getting better and better. I felt that I had found a book that would pay proper homage to the great Jane Austen by an author that I love. Colleen Gleason, Susan Krinard, and Janet Mullany are better know in the field of paranormal fiction. Still, I felt that it would be worth the try. Mary Balogh and Jane Austen were involved. Susan Krinard was the editor of this unique collection of short stories.

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She invited the others to take part and simply take a favorite Austen novel and turn it into a story that included vampires, werewolves, faeries, etc. Should be easy. Persuasion lends itself perfectly to a story that follows two lovers through time, but never the right time for them.

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Balogh admits that this is not her style of writing and this may be the weakest story in the collection. It is a sweet love story, but does not fit the requirements of the book. Our heroine sees vampires everywhere, laughs at silly girls in stories who enter dark rooms in the middle of the night And, of course, it includes the dark, mysterious man who remains a mystery until the very end.