Evaluation and Treatment of the Infertile Male

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A normal semen analysis result would show a sperm count of at least 20million sperm per mL, with at least half showing forward progressive movement. If you are a current IVFAustralia patient, your fertility specialist will provide a request form and you will need to call your local clinic to book an appointment. You will need to produce a semen sample and bring it to one of our andrology labs, located throughout Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, or Canberra. It is essential to first make an appointment with one of our laboratories, so that the semen sample can be analysed within one hour, in order to avoid compromising the sample.

Our andrology scientists then assess semen appearance, colour, pH and Leukocyte presence. They count the sperm numbers concentration and the sperm motility how fast sperm are moving.

Male Infertility: An Overview of the Causes and Treatments

The morphology shape of sperm is also assessed. If indicated, the sperm vitality can also be counted the percentage of immotile sperm that are alive or dead based on the effects of a dye on the sperm. If we find abnormalities, we often require repeat tests to assess the type and degree of the problem, and whether it is a persistent feature. Sperm have a lifecycle of 72 days, so if you are ill or stressed it can temporarily affect your sperm production quality. If you have experienced recurrent miscarriage, or several unsuccessful treatment cycles, this can help us diagnose and treat high levels of DNA fragmentation.

It is also useful for men who have elevated leukocyte levels in the semen, have been exposed to toxic substances, are over 40 years of age, or have diabetes. The SCSA sperm chromatin structure assay test measures the stability of the chromatin and provides an estimate of the level of DNA damage in the sperm.

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If sperm stick to each other head-to-head, tail-to-tail or in a mixed way, this is known as agglutination, and the presence of sperm antibodies may be the cause. This can be diagnosed through more sophisticated techniques conducted as part of a semen analysis. This is most common in men who have had a vasectomy.

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  • Male infertility is caused by problems that affect sperm production or the transport process such as:. In rare cases, a genetic disease such as cystic fibrosis or a chromosomal abnormality could affect male fertility. Some men may have more serious medical problems, such as low male sex hormones, or testosterone levels. If you have a low sperm count, poor sperm movement, or high numbers of abnormally shaped sperm, then Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection ICSI can be used as part of your IVF treatment cycle.

    This technique allows the laboratory to enlarge images of sperm to over x magnification compared to x in standard ICSI , and pick the most appropriate sperm based on size and shape for fertilisation to be injected into the egg.

    Evaluation of Women

    A vasectomy reversal is a day surgical procedure performed to re-establish the sperm pathway following a vasectomy. The success of a reversal is dependent on the length of time since the vasectomy, amount of vas removed and presence of antibodies. What your specialists will look for in a Semen Analysis, and the treatments available for male infertility. Book a semen analysis Instructions for producing a semen sample Costs of male fertility tests Understanding Male Infertility In other words, 50 percent of all infertility involves a male factor; however, only 20 percent of men in such couples undergo medical evaluation.

    Urologists at Northwestern Medicine offer full medical evaluations and treatment options for male infertility , including conditions such as:. Many couples have more than one factor that plays a role in the inability to get pregnant.

    Understanding Male Infertility

    Find out how infertility can be diagnosed and treated. Learn about some of the main causes of male infertility, the risk factors involved and treatment options. The best age to get pregnant is a personal decision. A variety of lifestyle and health factors will influence when it is right for you.

    Male Fertility Test

    The effects of cancer treatment on fertility vary between men and women. Learn what you can do to protect fertility.

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    Infertility Reproductive system Infertility Erectile dysfunction A structural defect Low hormone levels Genetic problems Varicose veins surrounding the testicles Birth defects Chromosomal defects Sperm antibodies Certain medicines Sexually transmitted diseases Heavy alcohol usage Smoking Undescended or twisted testicles Exposure of the testicles to high temperatures Hernia surgery History of prostatitis Mumps after puberty Toxic exposure.

    Overview What is Infertility?

    Evaluation of male infertility

    Although conceiving a child may seem to be simple and natural, the physiological process is quite complicated and depends on the proper function of many factors such as: Production of healthy eggs by the woman Unblocked Fallopian tubes that allow the sperm to reach the egg The sperm's ability to fertilize the egg The ability of the fertilized egg to become implanted in the uterus Adequate embryo quality Who is affected by infertility?

    Urologists at Northwestern Medicine offer full medical evaluations and treatment options for male infertility , including conditions such as: Low testosterone androgen deficiency Erectile dysfunction Sexual dysfunction Learn more about Northwestern Medicine Fertility and Reproductive Medicine here.

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    Related Resources Patient Questionnaire for Men: The information provided on this questionnaire will help provide a more complete evaluation and will be kept confidential. Give Feedback.