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He gets along.

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  • Hit List (Keller, book 2) by Lawrence Block.

Hit List Back of the book summary: Keller is a regular guy. He goes to the movies, works on his stamp collection.

Call him for jury duty and he serves without complaint. Then every so often he gets a phone call from White Plains that sends him flying off somewhere to kill a perfect stranger.

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  • Hit Man (John Keller Mysteries).

Keller is a pro and very good at what he does. But the jobs have started to go wrong.

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The realization is slow coming, yet when it arrives, it is irrefutable: Someone out there is trying to hit the hit man. Hit Parade One thing that a professional hit man does not need is a conscience. He could also do without a rival killer poaching on his turf.

Lawrence Block

John Keller, the most unorthodox of Lawrence Block's many series protagonists, did battle with his inner angel in ''Hit Man,'' resisting the impulse to take early retirement and settle down in some leafy suburb with his stamp collection and a shaggy dog. Facing the threat like a true neurotic, Keller confers with an astrologer and moodily ponders his existential destiny, leaving it to Dot, his elderly office manager, to work out the pragmatic details of saving his bacon. Keller's prickly exchanges with Dot are a treat, and his ruminations on life, love, art and saloon decor are delivered with the wry self-knowledge of a man who isn't ashamed to hang a Hopper print on his wall.

Still, the novel form doesn't quite suit Keller's style ''You ride into town, do what you do and ride on out''.

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Unlike ''Hit Man,'' a collection of quick-twist short stories whose unifying theme of moral angst gave it the feeling of a novel, this book feels cobbled together from the disconnected chapters of a story without a theme. History has a thrilling way of hitting home in Bruce Alexander's Georgian mysteries, which draw on the seasoned wisdom of Sir John Fielding, the blind magistrate of the Bow Street Court, and the lively curiosity of his year-old apprentice, Jeremy Proctor, to interpret the animating events of the day.

Alexander brings this legal issue to vivid life with a series of daring house robberies and attendant murders ostensibly committed by a gang of black brigands. As well as writing and composing music, Jack teaches a creative writing course at the Canberra Institute of Technology. Jack's debut novel The Lab, published in April , received fabulous publicity.

Lawrence Block

In , he published the sequel, Remote Control, and in , the third instalment, Third Transmission. Jack has a three-book deal with Scholastic US the publishers of Harry Potter for his Six of Hearts series — the fourth book of which will be published by Pan Macmillan in Help Centre. Track My Order. My Wishlist Sign In Join.

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