Modern Nonlinear Optics, Part 2

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Nonlinear optics

Barrett, and B. Lindlein, R. Maiwald, H.

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Peschel, and G. Ganeev, M. Suzuki, M.

Baba, H. Kuroda, and I. Westphal and S. Zipfel, R. Williams, and W. Biss and T. Dyba and S.

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Ganeev, S. Kamalov, M. Kodirov, M. Malikov, A.

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Ryasnyansky, R. Tugushev, S. Umidullaev, and T. Quabis, R. Dorn, M. Eberler, O. Marcus, A. Zigler, and Z.

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B 16, — Kutzner and H. B 66, — Malcuit, R.

Boyd, W. Davis, and K.

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A 41, — Ferray, L. A 39, — Lompre, M. Ferray, X. Li, G. Mainfray, and C.

1/44 Foundation of nonlinear optics I

Ganeev, V. Gorbushin, I. Kulagin, and T. B 41, 69—71 Franken, A. Hill, C. Peters, and G. Cohen-Tannoudji, J. Dupont-Roc, and G. Grynberg, Photons and Atoms Wiley, Sondermann, N. Lindlein, and G. Citing articles from OSA journals and other participating publishers are listed here. Alert me when this article is cited. Click here to see a list of articles that cite this paper. Number of generated frequency-tripled photons versus the solid angle subtended by the pump beam. The data are presented in double logarithmic scale symbols. The error bars are obtained from the Poisson statistics of the detected photons.

Lines denote the results of fitting a linear function to the respective data. Gaeta, Editor-in-Chief. Login or Create Account. Allow All Cookies. Optica Vol. Boyd, and Gerd Leuchs, "Nonlinear optics with full three-dimensional illumination," Optica 6 , Accessible Open Access.

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Abstract Full Article Figures 5 Suppl. Abstract Nonlinear optical interactions play a crucial role in modern technology and lead to important applications such as optical switching, optical harmonic generation, and the characterization of ultrafast material processes. Nonlinear optical activity effects in complex anisotropic three-dimensional media Mikko J. More Recommended Articles.

Three-dimensional full wave model of image formation in optical coherence tomography Peter R. Boyd, Nonlinear Optics, 3rd ed. Academic, Aiello, A. Figures 5. Illustration of different focusing regimes.