Notes on the Herpetofauna of Surinam IV: The lizards and amphisbaenians of Surinam

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From exploration of the interior was actively encouraged by the Dutch Government, and under the auspices of the Koninklijk Nederlandsch Aard- rijkskundig Genootschap several geographical expeditions explored the main river systems. Although the main purpose of these expeditions was to map the visited areas, usually the physician accompanying the expedition was entrusted also with the collecting of zoological and botanical specimens.

Interesting ma- terial from the interior started to reach the Dutch museums in ever increasing numbers after the late nineteen thirties when Dr.

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Download Notes On The Herpetofauna Of Surinam Iv The Lizards And Amphisbaenians Of Surinam 1973

A short history of the study of Surinam lizards. Faunal relationships. Part I. Check list of the Pit vipers Viperoidea, Viperidae, Crotalinae. Notes on the herpetofauna of Surinam IV. The lizards and amphisbaenians of Surinam. Junk, Publ.

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Transvaal Museum, Pretoria, Annals.


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B 5 8 : Studies on amphisbaenians Amphisbaenia, Reptilia. The genera Monopeltis and Dalophia in Southern Africa. Brodmann-Kron, P. Die Amphibien der Schweiz. Brongersma, L. Contributions to Indo-Australian herpetology.