Physics of New Laser Sources

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This laser Unprecedented high energy together with a high repetition rate Unprecedented high energy and high average power are available The system comprises an innovative laser design with programmable pulse shaping, Our current research will impact many areas of laser applications," said Ashok Kodigala, an electrical engineering Ph. For example, BIC lasers can be readily tuned to emit beams of different wavelengths, a useful feature for medical lasers made to precisely target cancer cells without damaging normal tissue.

BIC lasers can also be made to emit beams with specially engineered shapes spiral, donut or bell curve -- called vector beams -- which could enable increasingly powerful computers and optical communication systems that can carry up to 10 times more information than existing ones. In this work, we present a new kind of light source that is more efficient than what's available today in terms of power consumption and speed," said Babak Bahari, an electrical engineering Ph.

Bound states in the continuum BICs are phenomena that have been predicted to exist since BICs are waves that remain perfectly confined, or bound, in an open system.

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Conventional waves in an open system escape, but BICs defy this norm -- they stay localized and do not escape despite having open pathways to do so. Now, they're harnessing BICs to demonstrate new types of lasers.

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The team published the work Jan. The BIC laser in this work is constructed from a thin semiconductor membrane made of indium, gallium, arsenic and phosphorus. The membrane is structured as an array of nano-sized cylinders suspended in air. The cylinders are interconnected by a network of supporting bridges, which provide mechanical stability to the device.