Ready to Lead? A Story for Leaders and Their Mentors

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Here IT organizations can lead by example and hold their team accountable to the same behavior. One way to help this is to rotate staff through a series of experiences. Get them to understand business and technology strategy and architecture by teaching them yourself or by sending to outside classes. Get them involved in peer groups can also help.

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IT is one of the few areas that sees across the business, therefore, CIOs have a duty to avoid business silos. In the same way, IT must move people around to avoid its own internal silos. IT leaders should have a mantra for leadership and growth. They are either ready for change. The key is to communicate with them regularly with informal discussions and get their input, so a discussion can be had. Nothing better than sitting in a room with a whiteboard and just discussing a topic. Encouraging change ready leaders, however, can be goal depending on the organization.

Unless your leaders are driving change, how can they hope to have success? CIOs clearly need to take the first step. CIOs should encourage change ready leaders to challenge the status quo. Clearly, the most dangerous thinking to persist in an organization is "we have always done it that way!

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It requires a leader that can lead by example. It requires the empowerment of people. This can be enabled by meeting regularly with business areas and several times a day within organization. CIOs should open the discussion by asking about experiences and opportunities the future. It is amazing what can be learned by listening into the CIOChat.

We have learned here ideas that are important for IT leaders but are as important to all business leaders. Hopefully, the insight provides you some guidance for your career and those of your team. Want to Join? He is also the facilitator for the CIOChat , which has executive-level participants from around the world in such industries as banking, insurance, education and government.

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The Best Mentor You Can Find is Up to You!

How CIOs motivate their teams and foster productivity. Don't assume you understand their working style simply based off of the conversations you've had with them, as they probably work and communicate differently with their manager than they do with you. Only once you've gotten an honest background on a problem can you share helpful, relevant feedback -- without making decisions for your mentee.

That's up to them. She suggests reflecting on the problems you faced and what has tripped you up at the same point in your career that your mentee is in. Depending on the relationship, mentees might also be seeking approval from their mentors -- and acknowledging their success is a way to satisfy that psychological need for recognition. How you go about celebrating their achievements is entirely up to you. For example, if you're a peer mentor helping onboard a new employee, you may choose to publicly acknowledge them either by sharing their success with their team or even just with their manager.

I believe in the principle of "what goes around, comes around. Think about the impact they've had on your career, and offer the same to your mentees. Giving advice or help freely -- and making it clear you're happy to do so -- is a huge help to easing those anxieties. Take note of the areas in which your mentee wants to grow, and always be looking for opportunities to point them in the right direction.

If you work at the same company as your mentee and have some involvement in their experience, Corliss suggests introducing new projects to them over time as a way to build a strong foundation.

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Then, hand off something small that you normally do for your intern or mentee to own, like a weekly email, or a blog post. Then, build upon that foundation. Work with your mentee as if you'll be their mentor forever. That mindset will make it easier for you to give them long-term guidance, which will help them make decisions that outlive their time with you. This is particularly important if you work at the same company as your mentee because it'll help them make a larger impact at your company. They'll pick up information about your "ethics, values, and standards; style, beliefs, and attitudes; methods and procedures," writes E.

As a mentor, you need to be keenly aware of your own behavior.

At the end of the day, being a great mentor takes practice and patience. The more you work with a given mentee, the more you'll learn a lot about them: their communication style, how they process feedback, how they go about pursuing their goals. In the end, being a mentor will likely be as rewarding an experience for you as it will be for your mentees. What tips do you have for being a great mentor? Share them with us in the comments.

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Ready to Lead: A Story for Leaders and Their Mentors

Marketing 11 min read. Written by Lindsay Kolowich lkolow. How to Mentor At its core, being a mentor is being a trusted advisor. Topics: Mentors. Is self-aware — They are open to learning and new ideas. Shows empathy — They think carefully about the impact they have on others. Is ready to lead — They lead by example. They are honest, sincere and practice what they preach. MENTOR Mentors are volunteer for the role because they acknowledge the importance of dedicate the time to guide a someone new to the task.

A Mentor will openly share personal experiences that contributed to their growth and development, invest the time to listen to the plans of the Mentee, and develop a plan to work together during a set period of time. A Mentor often assumes the role of Advocate for the Mentee as Mentoring can help improve career development, simplify increased responsibility, build confidence and help individuals learn and grow within an organization.

And so expansiveness is the most important attribute of a great mentoring relationship. Mentoring effectiveness is all about clearing an emotional path to make the learning journal as free of boundaries as possible.

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Change is a door opened from the inside.