STAT Inhibitors in Cancer

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STAT Inhibitor

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STAT Inhibitor

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Oral STAT3 Inhibitor, TTI-101, in Patients With Advanced Cancers

NPJ Breast Cancer. Regulating cell growth by modulating the expression of specific target genes, aberrant STAT activation is also strongly suspected in cancer. STAT oncogenic transcriptional roles include cell progression, differentiation, suppression of anti-tumor immunity, and promotion of survival through anti-apoptotic effects.

Constitutive STAT activity is especially noted in colorectal, myeloma, pancreatic, ovarian, liver, breast, prostate, lung, several forms of leukemia and lymphoma, in addition to other solid and hematological cancers. Agents which inhibit JAK2, a kinase phosphorylating STAT3, suppress growth, decrease invasion of carcinoma cells, and induce apoptosis.

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Mutations in JAK2 can lead to leukaemia and lymphoma. For instance, to treat some forms of leukaemia, targeting and inhibiting JAKs could eliminate the effects of EPO signalling and perhaps prevent the development of leukaemia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Journal of Biological Chemistry. Cell Communication and Signaling. Growth Factors.

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JAK-STAT Signaling Pathway

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STAT inhibitors for cancer therapy.

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Targeting JAK/STAT signalling in inflammatory skin diseases with small molecule inhibitors

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